Our kids nanny has a Diploma,Hatuezi Employ Mtu hivi hivi- DJ Mo brags

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, a former Kiss FM radio host turned digital content creator, the renowned Disk Jockey DJ Mo expressed his appreciation for the significant progress he has made in life and the current prosperity enjoyed by him and his family.

The gospel entertainer shared that their household is supported by three house assistants, each assigned specific roles, with one dedicated to tutoring their children. Notably, the children’s tutor possesses a diploma, shedding light on the impressive grammar and language skills exhibited by their eldest daughter, Ladasha – a point of admiration for many.

During his conversation with Obinna, DJ Mo highlighted his favorable financial status at this stage of his life. He and his wife, gospel artist Size 8, benefit from the assistance of three house aides, each entrusted with distinct responsibilities.

“We are fortunate to have three house assistants. One takes care of household chores, another focuses on the children, and there is a designated teacher for them.

Our child’s nanny holds a diploma; she’s an educator dedicated solely to their development. She doesn’t engage in other household tasks. Additionally, there’s a daily help,” the entertainer revealed.

This development is considered a tremendous blessing by DJ Mo, especially when reflecting on the less favorable circumstances of the past.

The father of two reminisced about the earlier days of his relationship with Size 8, recalling that she used to live in a penthouse in South B while he resided in Githurai 44. Despite their disparate living situations, Size 8 would frequently visit and assist with household chores.

“She would come over, gracefully navigating the ditches around my home, conscientiously attending to chores and tending to her duties alongside her sister. On my return, I’d find a prepared meal waiting for me, stirring a deep sense of appreciation within me. You can imagine who was behind these gestures – she was a prominent figure, yet her humility shone through. I’d pack my clothes and carry them to her place for laundering,” the father of two fondly shared, as he walked down memory lane.