Odi wa Muranga: The Popular Gengeton Artist Making Millions of Money From Selling Charcoal as a Side Hustle -

Odi wa Muranga: The Popular Gengeton Artist Making Millions of Money From Selling Charcoal as a Side Hustle

In today’s news, we focus on Francis Macharia Gachucha, better known by his stage name Odi wa Muranga, who is a prominent member of the popular gengeton band Boondocks Gang. Known for their chart-topping hits, the group has amassed a massive following of fans.

Odi’s journey to success began from humble beginnings. He attended nursery and primary school in Murang’a before continuing his education at high schools in Nakuru. Unfortunately, his time at Njoro High School and Shiners High was cut short due to disciplinary issues.

Despite these setbacks, Odi remained determined to pursue his passion for music. In 2016, he sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education at Mahiga Day School and achieved a respectable grade of C plus.

Following his high school years, Odi relocated to Githurai 45, where he resided with his sister. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Ex-ray and Maddox, who introduced him to the Catholic church. Together, they often performed spoken word pieces at the church.

To support his music career and cover his expenses, Odi rented a house in Githurai for a modest monthly fee of Sh1,500 and worked as a construction worker. Despite the challenges, his unwavering focus remained on music, a shared aspiration he had with his two friends. Maddox was inclined towards dancehall, Ex-ray leaned towards R&B, while Odi’s interest lay in rap.

While performing in church was enjoyable, the trio needed to generate income. Odi had experienced hardships during his upbringing, including battling jigger infestation, and he was determined to make something meaningful out of his life.

Together, the group embarked on recording music, with their first release being the sensational hit “Peleka na Rieng,” which resonated strongly with the youth. To make the song available to the public, they encountered a hurdle when the studio demanded payment, which they couldn’t afford. They resorted to having a friend clandestinely acquire the song for them.

The initial release was a demo version, and little did they know that it would achieve immense success. As the group’s popularity soared, so did their earnings. Odi’s first major performance earned him Sh30,000, a substantial improvement from his previous income as a construction worker.

Alongside his work with Boondocks Gang, Odi wa Muranga has also pursued solo projects and collaborated with various artists, including Mejja. Additionally, he shares his music on his YouTube channel, boasting over 2.3 million views and more than 60k subscribers.

Recently, Odi appeared on the 2mbili TV show, where he showcased his prized possession, a Toyota Prado TX valued at Sh5 million.

While music remains his primary focus for survival, Odi has also ventured into agriculture, cultivating various vegetables such as sukuma wiki (kales) and engaging in charcoal sales. Furthermore, he has taken up pig farming to supplement his income.

Francis Macharia Gachucha, alias Odi wa Muranga, exemplifies the power of determination and passion in pursuing one’s dreams. From his modest beginnings to achieving success as a member of Boondocks Gang and pursuing solo endeavors, he continues to inspire aspiring musicians and prove that hard work pays off.