“Si Mimi Nliwambia Mkae nguruwe Acheni Wivu, Men Pay My Bills“,Lady with bottle Shape tells women

Justina Syokau is resolute in her pursuit of a life partner who meets her specific standards. The accomplished Kamba benga and gospel musician, who has been single for the past nine years, is unwavering in her quest for an ideal man possessing the qualities she desires.

During a recent interview with Mwende and Clemo on Radio Maisha, Syokau candidly discussed the challenges she has faced in finding a suitable companion. She expressed a preference for a financially stable man with a well-toned physique, capable of satisfying her intimately, aspiring for four rounds of passion daily.

Remaining celibate since parting ways with her child’s father almost a decade ago, Justina emphasized the significance of perfection in the bedroom for her chosen partner. She highlighted the difficulty she has encountered in finding men who meet her criteria, as she has only been approached by individuals with larger bellies, which she finds unattractive. According to her, men with prominent bellies do not meet her expectations in terms of performance in the bedroom.

In an effort to enhance her physical appeal and attract men who align with her desires, Justina revealed her intention to undergo liposuction. This procedure aims to eliminate excess fat from her abdomen while enhancing her buttocks. Her goal is to achieve a more desirable physique that would captivate energetic men with substantial financial means.