Baby Sagini’s Cousin Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for removing Minor’s Eyes

Alex Maina Ochogo, the main suspect implicated in the heinous assault on Baby Junior Sagini, has been sentenced to a 40-year prison term.

Maina, who is the three-year-old child’s cousin, was found guilty of committing the atrocious act of gouging out the young child’s eyes in December 2022 at Ikuruma Village in Kisii County.

Magistrate Ogweno of Kisii Law Courts also handed down a 10-year jail sentence to baby Sagini’s aunt, Pacifica Nyakerario, and a 5-year jail term to his grandmother, Rael Mayaka, for their involvement in the crime.

Prior to the assault, Baby Sagini was reported missing for six agonizing hours. He disappeared in early December and was later discovered on his uncle’s maize plantation in Marani, Kisii County.

The three suspects were initially charged with attempted murder on January 18, but the charges were later amended to causing grievous bodily harm according to Section 4 of the Penal Code. This change came after Prosecutor Hillary Kaino made an application to the court.

In March, during a virtual cross-examination, Sagini bravely recounted how his grandmother gouged out his eyes using her hands and then abandoned him at a maize plantation.

Tragically, medical professionals have confirmed that the young innocent victim, who was attacked while fetching water at a nearby river, will remain blind for the rest of his life.

As of now, Junior Sagini, who is four years old, is under the care of the government.