Kinuthia Shows Off His ‘Baby Bump’ (Photos)

The controversial content creator took to social media to show off his ‘baby bump’ in stunning photos.

“Can’t wait am in tears,” Kinuthia captioned his post using pregnancy emoji.

In another post, Kinuthia was seen caressing his ‘baby bump’ in the elevator.

For starters, Kinuthia is a man thus he can’t be pregnant no matter what.

The TikTok is just chasing clout by his pregnancy announcement. Kinuthia usually dresses like a woman and this earned him some notoriety in the press.

He recently made headlines after he attended a State House function while dressed like a woman.

Kinuthia dressed up like a woman and even applied makeup as he attended the invite-only Talanta Hela event at State House on Friday, 9 June.

Arriving in a stunning red suit and stylish heels, Kinuthia turned heads. His natural hairstyle and carefully applied makeup further defined his look.