“Nilirogwa, Sasa Nateseka ” Former Kiss Presenter  Ezekiel Cries Out to Kenyans For Help

One of the most celebrated reggae host and artist, Ezekiel, has caused a stir online after revealing the poor and desperate life he is currently living despite being a celebrity. The former Kiss Tv presenter, who was known for his hosting skills that made Kiss TV famous, shared that his life has been a constant struggle since quitting his job at the station.

Ezekiel revealed that he was forced to quit his job because his enemies were using witchcraft and black magic against him. He stated that despite his struggles to earn a living on the streets of Rongai, his enemies are still using the same witchcraft to make sure he is completely on his knees. He shared that his best wish is for anyone who can take him out of Rongai streets, build him a mansion somewhere private, and let him take care of the rest. He is currently living with fear because he doesn’t know the day his enemies might decide to finish him completely.

He also shared that he is trying to sell arts and crafts, but the business isn’t doing well because of the black magic forces that are working against him. He urged Kenyans who can help him to support him, and he will be very thankful.

Ezekiel’s story has sparked a lot of reactions online, with many people expressing their shock and disappointment at his current situation. Despite being a celebrated artist and former Kiss TV presenter, he is currently struggling to make ends meet. His plea for help has touched many hearts, and many have shared their support for him.

In the video shared on YouTube by presenter Ali, Ezekiel can be seen sharing his story in depth, and it is a reminder that celebrities are also human beings with their own struggles and challenges. So, it is important to support and help each other.