Kevin Kinuthia Talks on Being Pregnant. -

Kevin Kinuthia Talks on Being Pregnant.

Rumours have been circulating online recently about Kenyan TikTok sensation, Kevin Kinuthia, being pregnant. This is due to his noticeable belly and responses to fans on social media.

Kevin Kinuthia is a well-known crossdresser in Kenya, known for his unique style of dressing like a woman despite being a man. This has led to confusion and assumptions about his sexuality amongst Kenyans.

When asked about the rumours of him being pregnant, Kinuthia clarified that he simply wanted to give his fans what they wanted. He stated that he responded to a fan saying he was pregnant to make them happy, and that people are judging him based on his belly and the way he dresses.

Despite the rumours, Kinuthia stated that he is not currently pregnant, but hopes to start a family in the future. He mentioned that at the age of 30, he plans to get married and start a family.

Regarding his sexuality, Kinuthia did not comment much on the topic. He emphasized that he will continue to create content and will not change his unique style of dressing or content creation.

Overall, Kinuthia urged his fans to continue supporting him and revealed that he will soon be launching a second YouTube channel.