“Naskia Uchungu , Nitakumiss” Makokha Gets Emotional While Narrating The Death of His Wife.

Veteran actor Makokha tragically lost his wife, Purity, on June 1st, 2024. According to Makokha, Purity was a true cancer warrior, battling the disease valiantly for the past 18 years. Her strength and resilience were remarkable, and her sudden passing has left him heartbroken.

In an interview with Tuko, Makokha described the profound pain of losing his wife. He vividly recalled their final trip to the hospital, where Purity commended him for his unwavering support and for standing by her through every hardship. Despite undergoing a successful surgery, the cancer had already metastasized, ultimately leading to her death.

Makokha grew emotional as he reminisced about the cherished moments they shared. He expressed that the loss has left an indelible void in his life and that he will deeply miss her companionship. Accepting Purity’s passing will be a long and difficult journey for him.

Makokha also mentioned that he had taken loans to ensure Purity received the best possible treatment. Now, he finds himself in need of support, particularly financial assistance, as he navigates this challenging time.