Nairobi Lady Burns Boyfriend’s Important Documents After She Caught Him Cheating

A Kenyan woman has stunned online users after sharing a video burning her sweetheart’s documents after she discovered he was cheating.

In the video seen by muranganewspaper, the woman said the demonstration was intended to teach her cheating man a lesson

The woman known as grace said she was tying to end gender based viciousness since her man has been undermining her and beating her simultaneously.

” He first laid hands on me, broke my wrist, hit my head and dragged me on a floor full of broken glasses. I moved out, he apologized, and everything got back to normal. Whenever he gets drunk, he either beats me or shows me messages of other girls he is cheating with.”

The woman uncovered that their one-year relationship has ended up in a very difficult situation even after splitting the bills 50\50.

” This weekend I got it to my fullest am done with him I soaked all his clothes; burnt all his important documents and I want him to move out. I want the world and whoever he is flirting with to know he beats up women and when you try to defend yourself, he makes it all about him.”

The video has blended a discussion on social media where some adviced her to walk away.

“Yes you are hurt but this isn’t the way. If he chooses to sue you, regrets will be your best friend. Just walk away. Stop these GBV traits. Even men, if your partner does something wrong to you and y’all can’t talk amicably, please no need for violence just go your way. Life still has so much to offer. So sad.”

“Crazy love makes you do crazy things….Enyewe @h_arttheband said it💔😭Lakini love can turn people into things they’re not….but is it really worth it?? No it’s not….just walk out hun… Your self respect…peace of mind and YOU should be YOUR OWN PRIORITY 🥹🫶Healing to them heartaches thooo❤️.”

“I hate to break it to her but she will attract another guy similar to him;same script different cast. Love yourself dear grace and you wont have to ever deal with such. Also, this wasnt worth it!”