Reactions After Lulu Hassan Was Spotted Wearing Kamisi

A viral video featuring Lulu Hassan enjoying light-hearted moments with her guests in the Citizen studio has stirred considerable attention online. What caught the eye of many Kenyans was Lulu’s choice of attire—a Kamisi, an inner garment once popular among women of the millennial generation. This garment, once highly esteemed and considered a fashion statement, now carries a traditional aura, largely bypassed by Generation Z.

The sight of Lulu donning the Kamisi sparked a spectrum of reactions. Some seized the opportunity to mock her, interpreting her choice as regressive in a time when fashion trends evolve rapidly. Yet, amidst the criticism, a chorus of praise emerged from netizens, commending Lulu for her modest attire and suggesting she embodied qualities of a desirable wife.

The scarcity of Kamisis in today’s market underscores the shifting sartorial preferences of the current generation. Many young women opt for a more liberated style, often forgoing undergarments altogether in favor of what they claim to be better comfort and hygiene. This trend contrasts sharply with Lulu’s commitment to modest dressing, a choice rooted not only in personal preference but also informed by her Muslim faith, which emphasizes the importance of modesty in attire for women.

In a cultural landscape where fashion evolves rapidly and societal norms shift, Lulu Hassan’s choice to embrace the Kamisi stands as a testament to her steadfast commitment to dressing with decency and cultural reverence. Her example serves as a reminder of the diversity of perspectives on fashion and the enduring influence of tradition in contemporary society.