Murang'a town sex workers want included as essential service providers

Murang’a town sex workers want to be included as essential service providers.

We are also essential service providers. Murang’a town sex workers tell the county government. Commercial sex workers in Murang’a town have asked the government to include them in the list of the first phase vaccine rollout.

“We want to humbly ask Mwangi Wa Iria to include us in the list. We are also essential service providers and we don’t want our clients to get infected or infect us while exchanging the services,” Sarah Njambi, a sex worker in the town said.

Speaking exclusively to Murang’a Newspaper, a sex worker in the town said that they are at a higher risk of getting infected given by the huge numbers of clients they service per day.

She added that in a good day, more than 10 customers receives her service some coming from as far as Thika.

“Mimi ata najihurumia juu hawa macustomers ni wengi, wenye wanafanyaga niogope ni hao wa kutoka Thika juu wanaweza niletea ugonjwa nikisemanga tu ni kuwapatia huduma,” She said.

The workers have now asked the Murang’a County government to consider them in the first phase as it will help in reducing the spread of the virus.

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