Limuru: KSh3M lorry stolen 2 months ago found vandalised, parts missing at a garage 4km away

Police officers from Limuru and Kabete constituencies in Kiambu County have arrested two main suspects accused of harassing car owners by stealing their vehicles.

In a recent incident involving a businessman whose truck was stolen, police recovered the vehicle at a car wash, where it had been vandalized and several parts were missing.

The owner of the lorry, an Isuzu FSR, reported that he had parked it at Luqman Police Station in Rironi, Kiambu County, when it was stolen.

Stephen Njenga, the lorry’s owner, stated that he had parked his Isuzu FSR, valued at KSh 3 million, at Luqman Police Station in Rironi, Limuru, when it was taken. He was shocked to discover that the vehicle was driven less than 4 kilometers to a car wash, where it was dismantled and vital parts were stolen.

“I had parked the lorry at Luqman Petrol Station in Rironi on March 21, 2024, at around 5 am. I found my lorry vandalized at a car wash. The engine, gearbox, and all the tires were missing; we only found its body, which the culprits had started cutting into small parts,” Njenga recounted. “Vehicle theft has increased significantly here in Kiambu.”

Limuru Sub-County Deputy Police Commander Paul Yator confirmed the incident, stating that strict legal action would be taken against any perpetrators of vehicle theft in the area. He added that the police would leverage the arrests to expose the vehicle theft syndicate operating in the region.

Residents in the area have expressed their fear of vehicle vandalism and theft.

One of those arrested is the owner of the car wash.