Mulamwah Addresses Carol Sonie’s Deadbeat Dad Claims, “Birthday Gift Nilituma Ikarudishwa mbio”

Kenyan comedian, content creator, and radio presenter David Oyando, widely recognized as Mulamwah, has offered a response to allegations from his baby mama, Carrol Muthoni, who claimed he’s not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father to their daughter, Keilah.

Mulamwah expressed his difficulty in providing support to their child, citing a lack of appreciation for his efforts. On his Instagram, he disclosed that any support he attempted to provide was consistently rejected by his baby mama.

“I make attempts to provide support, but it’s challenging. I send money, and it gets returned, even gifts on birthdays are sent back. It becomes quite perplexing; I’m not sure where the issue lies.”

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie went through a very public breakup in 2021, with the comedian accusing Carol of infidelity and sharing these details on social media.

Their relationship took a sour turn, and earlier this year, Carol accused Mulamwah of neglecting their daughter, Keilah.

On Keilah’s first birthday the previous year, the comedian publicly expressed his affection for his daughter in a social media post, extending his heartfelt wishes for her good health as she grows.

He also reached out to his baby mama, Carol Sonie, suggesting that they enhance their communication and co-parenting skills for the sake of their child’s future.

“Happy Birthday to our precious rainbow baby, Keilah. Many blessings to her. Here’s to many more years of growth and good health. Someday, we’ll meet and have a conversation once she’s grown enough. Thanks to her mom for raising her well. Let’s make co-parenting easier for her – let her be well. We shouldn’t exploit our child on social media for public display when the realities are quite different.”

Mulamwah emphasized the importance of not using their child as a pawn on social media to attract fans and individuals with ill intentions.

More recently, Keilah celebrated her second birthday, but Mulamwah refrained from publicizing the occasion on social media. He also hinted at expecting a child with his close friend, Ruth K. In response to this news, Carol Sonie made a light-hearted comment, playfully alluding to Mulamwah’s impending fatherhood and jokingly referencing their past disputes about Keilah’s paternity.

“Keilah is not my kid; they’ve found the real father,” Carol Sonie humorously remarked.

In a prior interview with Kioko, Carol had expressed her reluctance to discuss co-parenting matters with Mulamwah, indicating that they had moved past that phase of their relationship.