Rose Muhando Breaks Internet Over Alleged One-Night Stand with Abraham Mutai.

Rose Muhando Breaks Internet Over Alleged One-Night Stand with Abraham Mutai.

These claims came as Abraham was commenting on the trending topic Room350 on Twitter. The topic was started by blogger Robert Alai, who alleged that Deputy President, William Ruto takes women to Weston Hotel room 350. According to the blogger the room is reserved for the DP and his female companions.

Kenyans on Twitter were having a field day with the allegations, but ever since the Rose Muhando allegations came to light, the Tanzanian gospel singer has been trending number two on Twitter.

Kenyans On Twitter have been having their fun with the topic as they have been sharing their thoughts on the platform. Abraham didn’t do much to deny the rumors, in fact, he reshared some of the tweets he thought were funny.

Muhando on her part is yet to respond to what is going on but we’re sure once she gets a whiff of this she will let her voice be heard. The singer is no stranger to going viral in Kenya, a few years back she went viral after a video of her being prayed for by Pastor Ng’ang’a made headlines.

The incident took place in 2018 when videos surfaced of the troubled gospel hitmaker receiving a dramatic exorcism from controversial Kenyan Pastor Ng’ang’a. While many believed she was sick and needed medical attention urgently, the singer said she was fighting a spiritual battle, and thanks to Pastor Ng’ang’a, she won it.

At the time, the singer noted that Bishop Ng’ang’a saw the vision and prayed for her and when she got her consciousness, she found herself at the hospital. She noted that she was not in a good state and they thought I was just sick but I thought it was my time.

She added that when she met God and he filled her with strength and courage. She further noted that she has known God because He has a reason why people go through what they go through. After surviving the harsh spiritual battle, the mother of three released ‘Kenya Ulindwe’ to thank the Kenyan people and president Uhuru Kenyatta in general.