“Sipendi kuvaa Panties , Napenda Hewa Safi” Pritty Vishy Says

It appears that Pritty Vishy, the ex-girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy, has been consistently making waves in the media lately, almost like clockwork. Her knack for stirring controversy with her statements has not only garnered her attention on YouTube but has also propelled her into the limelight.

In a recent interview with an online media outlet, Pritty Vishy made a bold declaration: she doesn’t fancy wearing underwear due to the discomfort it brings her. She expressed feeling liberated and refreshed without them, often opting to go about her day without this undergarment. Interestingly, she noted that it’s rare for anyone to even notice her choice of attire in that regard.

However, Pritty Vishy isn’t an anomaly in this preference. Many women in Nairobi have embraced the practice of going “commando,” eschewing underwear altogether. The trend has become so normalized that it’s now a common occurrence. The primary reason cited for this shift is the discomfort that undergarments often cause.

While Pritty Vishy stands out as one of the few individuals who have publicly disclosed their choice to forgo underwear, her candidness adds to the ongoing dialogue surrounding societal norms and personal comfort.