What Clever Uhuru Has Said About Goons Who Stole His Livestock In Northlands Farm -

What Clever Uhuru Has Said About Goons Who Stole His Livestock In Northlands Farm

Just two months after a group of invaders stormed Uhuru Kenyatta’s Northlands farm along Thika Road, the former Head of State has finally broken his silence regarding the incident. Addressing the audience at the Jubilee Party National Delegates Conference (NDC) held at Ngong Racecourse, Uhuru expressed his response to the invasion and delivered a message to the individuals responsible for destroying valuable properties.

Uhuru stated that he peacefully relinquished power in broad daylight and emphasized that those currently in power sought to undermine him by dispatching goons to vandalize his property, steal livestock, and set his farm ablaze in an attempt to instill fear. However, Uhuru defiantly proclaimed that he was not intimidated by the goons or the government, challenging them to repeat their actions.

During his speech, which elicited laughter from the crowd, Uhuru asserted, “I handed over leadership peacefully, even when they insulted me, I remained silent and allowed them to exercise their rights. I remained silent when insults were hurled at me, goats were stolen, and my entire farm was set on fire. They may continue their actions, but the party does not solely belong to me; it has its members. I will hold my ground until they themselves tell me to step aside.”

Uhuru Kenyatta had maintained a silence regarding the invasion of his Northlands farm, where millions of properties were destroyed by angry goons. However, he has now addressed the incident, making his stance clear on the matter.