Lady Allegedly Cuts Off Her Boyfriend’s P*nis-Cooks It After Killing Him In ‘Self Defense’.

The world has been left in shock after a 33-year-old Brazilian woman identified as Cristina Rodrigues Machado was arrested oon suspicion of brutally killing her boyfriend, cutting off his penis before cooking it.

The lady was arrested by Sao Goncalo police on June 7,2021.Reports indicated that the man was found naked with his body badly mutilated and during the arrest, Cristina was found cooking the husband’s penis in Soybean oil in a frying pan.

It is said that the couple had had an argument in the morning of the fateful day and were heard exchanging unprintable words about a break-up.

A kitchen knife was found at the crime scene and is believed to be the murder weapon Cristina used to kill her husband.

According to reports by a Brazilian TV, the two were in a 10 years relationship and had 2 children, an 8-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter.

The report also added that the two had separated for two years but were still seen hanging out occasionally even after the split.

The lady’s lawyer, Carla Policarpo said that the husband had threatened to kill her, so she killed him first in self defense.

The husband’s sister however claimed that Cristina killed her brother out of vengeance because he had cheated on her once.Investigations are still ongoing.