Kamau Wa Kang’ethe Badly Blasted After Kang’ata’s Interview.

Inooro TV/FM presenter, Kamau Kang’ethe has been put on the spot following Murang’a County Senator, Irungu Kang’at’s interview earlier today, July 13.

The presenter had hosted Kang’ata on the station where they were discussing UDAs’ future and the scheduled Kiambaa By-elections.

The interview went south when Kamau reviewed the 2007 post election violence in what seemingly was a direct attack to DP Ruto who is conspicuously involved with the Kiambaa massacre.

Popular social media commentator, Nding’úri Muchiri taking to his social media account castigated the presenter for being biased and labeled him as a war monger.

This pseudo journalist here must be stopped, lest he cause this country to burn. He is a disgrace to professional media practitioners in this country.While interviewing Murang’a Senator, Kang’ata this morning,he left no doubt that he is Jubilee and Kieleweke operative masquerading as an independent journalist,” he posted.

Invoking bad memories of the 2007/2008 tribal skirmishes while on a national TV and trying to attribute them to DP Ruto is akin to stoking tribal animosity between communities that have since buried the hatchets.”

As if that was not enough,the pseudo journalist kept making reference to Arror and Kimwarer dams scandals, while conviently ommiting NYS,Kemsa,MOH megal scandals,” he said.

Unknown to this Kieleweke chiriku,DPP Haji has exonerated DP Ruto from any involvement in the dams scandals. Were it not for the composure of the senator,much to the chagrin of Kamau,the show would have escalated to a shouting match.”

Such charlatans with such a behomoth of media following should be cencosered by the media council,lest they use their lose mouths to flare up tribal discords in Kenya,” Muchiri explained.