Mulamwah: Being cute imeniletea shida sana, sisi watu cute tunaumia

David Oyando, widely known by his stage name Mulamwah, is a popular comedian and host for Milele FM. In a recent video shared on his social media accounts, Mulamwah expressed his grievances about his physical appearance, claiming that his attractiveness has brought him considerable pain and difficulties.

Mulamwah, a father of one, confessed that he often wishes he looked like an average person in order to live a normal life. He lamented, “Manze naumia. Kukuwa cute Kenya is a big struggle. Sisi watu cute tunaumia. Kukatiwa hata huwezi tembea wanakuDM. Nitasurvive aje honestly. Being cute imeniletea shida sana natamani ningekuwa tu kama nyinyi ningeishi a simple life. This cuteness will be the end of me.”

As Mulamwah expressed his distress over his attractiveness, his fans responded with various comments, some suggesting that he needs prayers while others made light-hearted jokes. Here are a few examples of their responses:

  • missbarakeilla: mbona sikuskii vizuri 😂
  • tonny_oketch: Iyo mapua😂😂😂😂. Kwani uko na ngumi kwa uso bro😂😂
  • _mut.ama: Itabidii ukuje tukule pilau kwangu pia🤣🤣
  • thee_kamban_queen: Unatudaganya tu live live mulamwa😂😂cute where?
  • mwambi_gramm: Cute mwhich!!? 😂
  • mu.kiss_kisii: Wallai Mulamwa ungekosa pesa 😢hta wale wa kuuuza ungeguza😂

Despite being a well-known public figure with a substantial income, Mulamwah has made the unconventional choice of residing in a bedsitter instead of a luxurious mansion like many of his fellow celebrities. In a recent interview with Plug TV, he explained that he is focused on reducing his rental expenses because he is currently constructing his own mansion in the village.

“It’s not that we don’t love living in a nice house; it’s just that we want to build and own that mansion first, then move inside. There is no need to live in a big house when you are alone. Just live where you are comfortable and invest the rest of the money,” Mulamwah revealed during the interview.

Living in a bedsitter is not a new experience for Mulamwah. Prior to his current arrangement, he resided in a one-bedroom apartment, paying a monthly rent of Ksh. 9,000. He has been devoted to saving and investing his money, emphasizing his focus on financial stability and future endeavors.