Beloved TikToker, Shosh WaKinangop passes away “RIP SHOSH”

Tragic news has struck the TikTok community as Shosh WaKinangop, a beloved Kenyan content creator, has passed away following a brief battle with illness. The announcement of her untimely demise was made by her family through her social media accounts, leaving her fans in deep sorrow.

Shosh had recently shared her illness with her extensive following, reassuring them not to worry and expressing her hopeful outlook on recovering soon. She had eagerly anticipated returning to her online presence and continuing to create captivating content. However, her absence from the platform for an extended period had caused concern among her devoted supporters.

Yesterday evening, Shosh’s family shared a heartrending TikTok video in which the elderly lady proudly donned her Manchester United jersey. Accompanied by the caption “Rest In Peace Shosh” and an outpouring of tearful emojis, the video confirmed the devastating news of her passing. Unfortunately, no additional details regarding her departure were provided.

With close to 600 thousand followers (to be exact, 597.9 thousand), Shosh had cultivated a dedicated fan base who cherished her spirited content. Her profound love for Manchester United was well-known among her followers. In another poignant video shared online, her grandson, who frequently collaborated with her on TikTok, sat beside her as she sat in a wheelchair, appearing frail and weak. The scene was deeply moving as the young man tenderly caressed her face and wiped away her tears while whispering words of endearment.

TikTok users flocked to Shosh’s page to express their condolences and mourn the loss of a woman who had brought immense joy and cheer to their lives. Many users appealed to the family for information regarding the funeral arrangements, expressing their desire to contribute and pay their final respects to Shosh, despite their connection being solely through the screens of their devices.

Shosh wa Kinangop had risen to fame by showcasing her fluency in Sheng, a popular Kenyan urban slang, dispelling the notion that age hindered her understanding of contemporary trends. Her vibrant personality and linguistic prowess endeared her to countless fans.

Our deepest condolences go out to Shosh’s grieving family during this difficult time.