Kambua: Why I stopped posting my Handsome husband on social media

Media personality and gospel singer Kambua Manundu recently opened up about her deliberate choice to safeguard the privacy of her husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu, and their children on various social media platforms.

During an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Kambua shed light on her husband’s strong inclination towards privacy, a value she deeply respects and aligns with.

Hence, she consciously abstains from divulging intricate details about him on her social media handles. “My husband isn’t in the public eye, and he cherishes his privacy, a sentiment I wholeheartedly understand and honor. Similarly, regarding my children, I believe it’s imperative for them to mature to an age where they can autonomously decide whether they wish to engage with social media,” Kambua articulated.

Expounding further, she mentioned, “I might occasionally offer fleeting glimpses, perhaps showcasing their hair or legs, just to acknowledge their existence.”

The resolve to maintain such privacy traces back to Kambua’s firsthand encounter with cyberbullying. She comprehends that sharing personal anecdotes often paves the way for unwarranted scrutiny and unwelcome intrusions into her family’s life.

“Some aspects of life are best kept private because the more you invite others into your sphere, the more they tend to feel entitled. If I were to unveil every facet of my existence, it would inevitably attract incessant queries,” she expressed.