I wore my Mother’s High heel Boots to School due to Poverty – Dr. Kingori claims

Dr. Kingori, renowned as the charismatic media personality and the esteemed host of “The Wicked Edition” on NTV, has etched his name firmly in the collective consciousness of Kenya’s households. His remarkable journey, marked by resilience, triumph over poverty, and defiance of formidable odds, underscores the path he has navigated to attain such widespread acclaim.

With his sharp wit and insightful commentary, Dr. Kingori has managed to capture the hearts of audiences across the nation, securing his position as one of Kenya’s most beloved media figures. His recent talk as part of the Engage series offered a captivating glimpse into his extraordinary life story, chronicling the trajectory from modest beginnings to becoming the host of Kenya’s longest-running television program.

In this engaging discussion, Dr. Kingori delved into his past, recounting his mother’s unwavering aspiration for him to pursue a career in medicine as a means to escape the clutches of poverty. He disclosed the challenges his family faced on this journey, particularly his mother’s dual roles as a casual worker in two hospitals and her recognition that certain horizons remained out of reach without the additional qualification that a medical career could provide.

“I distinctly remember my mother’s desire for me to become a doctor,” Dr. Kingori reminisced. “She viewed it as our ticket to break free from the constraints of poverty. Working as a casual laborer in two hospitals, she understood the limitations she faced without that additional qualification.”

Dr. Kingori’s life was marked by numerous obstacles resulting from his impoverished background, yet he met them with ingenuity and determination. One anecdote he shared revolved around his primary school years when he couldn’t afford new shoes. In a testament to his resourcefulness, he decided to wear his mother’s high-heeled boots to school, a memory he vividly recounted.

“I can still recall the days when, in seventh grade, I nearly had to attend school without any shoes due to my terribly worn-out pair,” Dr. Kingori humorously recalled. “That was when I turned to creativity and donned my mother’s high-heeled boots. It’s fascinating how people often mention men wearing high heels in the 17th century. You don’t need to look back that far; I was proudly rocking high heels in the mid-2000s!”

Upon performing remarkably well in his primary school exams, Dr. Kingori was granted an opportunity that appeared to be a stepping stone towards realizing his mother’s dream. He secured admission to one of the province’s top three high schools, Nguviu Boys High School.

“This achievement was a momentous one for my mother,” he said. “It signified a substantial stride toward fulfilling her dream for me. The plan entailed excelling in high school, with the government subsequently shouldering the responsibility of sending me to medical school.”

However, life had a different course in store for Dr. Kingori. He embarked on a distinctive path that led him into the realm of media and entertainment, where he discovered his true calling. His show, “The Wicked Edition,” swiftly gained notoriety for its satirical approach to current events and its unparalleled capacity to serve as a platform for essential dialogues.

Today, “The Wicked Edition” stands as Kenya’s longest-running television program, a testament to Dr. Kingori’s exceptional talent and his innate capacity to connect with and resonate with his audience.