Pastor T Shares Her Story Of How He Slept With Women Infected With HIV/AIDS

Pastor T. Mwangi candidly shares insights into his life before embracing salvation, recounting a past marked by recklessness and encounters with HIV/AIDS.

In a poignant incident, Mwangi found himself in a Christmas club brawl, during which a bottle of alcohol hurled against the wall miraculously missed him—an occurrence he attributes solely to divine protection.

During the same phase, Mwangi engaged in risky sexual activities with a woman who later succumbed to HIV/AIDS. The solemn experience of burying her remains etched in his memory, serving as a stark reminder of his perilous behavior.

Another tragic chapter unfolded in Mwangi’s life as his subsequent relationship with another woman resulted in devastating news. He learned that his partner had been infected by her sugar daddy, who subsequently succumbed to the disease.

Despite these harrowing experiences, Mwangi remained oblivious to his own HIV status. It was only on Valentine’s Day, following a game with friends where he emerged victorious, that he realized he had been spared from HIV infection.

Filled with gratitude, Mwangi sought Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) and received the miraculous news of being declared HIV-negative. He attributes his preservation solely to the grace of God.

Mwangi’s narrative stands as a compelling testament to the transformative power of faith and the unwavering protection afforded by God. His journey from a life of recklessness to one of spiritual fulfillment serves as an inspiring example for all seeking redemption and divine guidance.