I Love Her and I Want Her”: Radio’s Presenter Shugaboy Confesses His Love for Akothee After Omosh Dumping Her

In the realm of entertainment, unexpected twists and turns are a constant occurrence. This time, it’s the beloved Kenyan stand-up comedian, Ally Mwayongwe, widely recognized as Shugaboy, who has managed to captivate our attention and spark a chorus of laughter with his surprising and comical declaration of love.

Shugaboy recently divulged his deep affection for the renowned Kenyan songstress, Akothee, in a manner that left both fans and spectators thoroughly amused.

Hailing from the coastal region of Kenya, Shugaboy confessed that Akothee, also known as Madam Boss, has held a special place in his heart for quite some time.

In a video that has since taken the internet by storm, the comedian candidly expressed his adoration, proclaiming, “Madam Boss is my lifelong crush.” He playfully admitted that Akothee even graces his dreams, underscoring the profound nature of his fondness for the singer.

Shugaboy’s declaration took on a humorous twist when he cheekily remarked that, should the opportunity ever arise to be with Akothee, he would be over the moon with contentment.

“I hold her in such high regard that if fate ever brings us together, I’ll be more than satisfied,” he exclaimed, concealing his genuine feelings beneath a layer of humor.

Adding to the comedic charm, Shugaboy acknowledged the challenges of getting Akothee’s attention, given her bustling schedule and lofty status in the industry.

With a playful sigh, he lamented his predicament, emphasizing the uphill battle of catching the eye of someone as prominent and occupied as Akothee.

In a delightful twist, Shugaboy even made a playful reference to Kenyan politician and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Alfred Mutua.

Amidst peals of laughter from his audience, he humorously pointed out that even Dr. Alfred Mutua had faced his fair share of relationship challenges.

Shugaboy playfully suggested that he was willing to take a chance, hoping to win Akothee’s heart and, quite possibly, emerge as the ultimate victor in her affections.