KRG The Don Accused of Neglecting His 19 Year Old Daughter -

KRG The Don Accused of Neglecting His 19 Year Old Daughter

Kenyan musician KRG the Don has recently faced allegations of abandoning his 19-year-old daughter, Yvonne Njoki. In an interview conducted by Nicholas Kioko, Yvonne’s mother revealed that she had met KRG the Don when she was young, while he was working in Gikomba.

According to Yvonne’s mother, KRG had initially accepted the pregnancy and even took care of the baby during the first few months. However, he later met another girl and subsequently abandoned them.

Yvonne’s mother also disclosed that KRG had suggested her daughter’s name, and she received it from KRG’s mother. In regard to KRG’s age, Yvonne’s mother disputed his claims of being born in 1992, stating that they met while he was working and she had seen his identification card. Yvonne was born in 2003.

The young girl emotionally expressed the challenges she faced growing up without a father and expressed her strong desire to meet him as she was growing up. She hopes that KRG the Don will step up and provide financial support for her education, enabling her to attend university and secure her future.

Last year, KRG faced similar accusations and used his age to deny the allegations. He stated that the alleged daughter in question was born in 2003, emphasizing that it was impossible for him to have fathered a child while he was still in primary school. Additionally, KRG expressed his long-standing desire to have a daughter but refused to accept Yvonne as his own.

The businessman and musician made it clear that he only acknowledges his four sons and takes care of them. However, he has yet to address the recent accusations or respond to questions regarding his age discrepancy.