BUSTED: See what CCTV cameras captured a man doing at Murang’a Level 5 Hospital at night (Watch Video).

One evening, an individual ventured into Murang’a Level 5 Hospital under the cover of darkness with the intent to abscond with a bench. Unbeknownst to this would-be thief, their actions were meticulously documented by the vigilant surveillance system installed within the premises.

In the surveillance footage, the alleged perpetrator is observed cautiously surveying the vicinity, ensuring that they remain unseen by any potential witnesses. With calculated precision, they ascertain the safety of their surroundings before daring to make their move. Once satisfied that no prying eyes are upon them, the thief seizes the bench and proceeds to make a furtive exit from the hospital premises.

The hospital’s management, prompted by the sudden disappearance of the bench, conducted a thorough review of the surveillance footage, ultimately identifying the individual responsible for the theft.