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Denis Schweizer, popularly known as Omosh, has officially confirmed the dissolution of his relationship with Kenyan musician Akothee. Through his social media platforms, Omosh informed his followers about their mutual decision to part ways after careful consideration.

Omosh openly admitted that he feels incapable of satisfying Akothee’s desires in the bedroom, playfully describing her as a “borehole.” He emphasized that the choice to separate from his wife is a well-thought-out decision for the benefit of both parties. Omosh recounted a specific incident where Akothee’s habit of walking around their home nude became a source of disagreement. He also mentioned instances where she encouraged him to be more passionate, reminiscent of her previous partner, Nelly Oaks, leading him to make regrettable remarks about Luo women.

“After thoughtful deliberation, Akothee and I have decided to part ways. While our journey together has been filled with unforgettable moments, we have now reached a point where it is in the best interest of both of us to pursue separate paths. Perhaps she will find someone better suited to meet her needs. Personally, I’ve come to the realization that satisfying the desires of a ‘borehole’ is an impossible task,” shared Omosh.

Omosh took a moment to express gratitude to their fans for the consistent support received since making their relationship public. He stressed the importance of cherishing the shared moments and personal growth during their time together. Omosh appealed to the public for understanding, respect, and privacy during this transitional period.

In a separate post, he reflected on the tendency of people to underestimate the value of those in their lives until they are no longer a part of it, leading to feelings of sorrow and regret.