Akothee: I Used To Go Shopping In South Africa And Come Back With 6 Suitcases To Please My Fans -

Akothee: I Used To Go Shopping In South Africa And Come Back With 6 Suitcases To Please My Fans

“The singer shared her personal experience of succumbing to social media pressure after joining various social networking platforms in 2014.

“When I first ventured into the realm of social media in 2014, I naively believed everything I saw celebrities posting. I thought their extravagant lifestyles were genuine, and because I was true to myself, I fell into the trap. I ended up purchasing fleets of cars that I had no actual need for.

“Unbeknownst to me, I was being taken advantage of by drivers who profited from my lack of knowledge about cars. I would hear terms like ‘carburetor on top of alternator,’ ‘engine knock,’ ‘glass cylinder burning gaskets,’ or ‘fan belt tied to the tire,’ and I almost aged prematurely in my thirties.

“The monthly maintenance costs for my cars alone amounted to 2.5 million at Toyota Kenya. If I made the mistake of taking my vehicle to a local garage, I would leave with exorbitant bills, leaving me feeling squeezed by both mechanics and the police ,” Akothee explained.

The singer further revealed that her fans pressured her to avoid repeating outfits, leading her to fly to South Africa to shop for new clothing.

“My fans insisted that I never repeat an outfit, carry the same handbag twice, or wear the same pair of shoes again, regardless of their price. It didn’t matter how expensive the items were; they didn’t want to see them repeated. I recall traveling to South Africa just to shop for clothes, returning with six suitcases solely to ensure that I pleased my fans and avoided disappointing them if I repeated an outfit 不不. To this day, some of those clothes still have their tags attached 不不. I have gained weight and can no longer fit into them. I was so naive and foolish, but I eventually woke up to the fakeness of social media in 2017 不不. I even threw a lavish housewarming party in 2015 that cost a fortune; with that money, I could have bought land instead 不不. I ended up entertaining fake people, some of whom I didn’t even know 不不不.

“Sometimes, when I watch the videos, I wonder who those unfamiliar faces were in my home 不, apart from the guests I personally invited. Trust me, half of the crowd was unknown to me. Once again, I foolishly believed that everyone loved and celebrated my success 不不不.

“Well, it was a learning experience for me. In 2018, I grew tired of trying to please my fans with my wardrobe. I started wearing my ‘madamboss uniform’ of housegirl attire and traditional deras, and immediately they forgot about my previous clothing choices 不不不. They left me in peace, and nowadays, they don’t even notice when I have new clothes. Can you imagine they don’t even know that I only own six bikinis? 不不不. When I became the brand ambassador for Ummoja Rubber and embraced 200 shillings slippers, we never argued about my shoes. We are all rocking our affordable two-shilling rubbers, and we match each other’s closed wallets . I don’t bother with wigs; the questions would kill me! ‘Change, change, Mama.’ Oh, dear.

“Akothee also highlighted the potential of social media to drive one into depression without even realizing it.

“Social media has the power to plunge you into depression without your awareness. Disconnect and take charge of your