Karen Nyamu Reveals Drama With Edday Started Day She Gave Birth To Samidoh’s Child

“Drama unfolded when I discovered I was pregnant; I had no intention of breaking up his marriage,” revealed Karen Nyamu. The recent buzz surrounding her involvement with Samidoh and his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu, has prompted her to speak openly about their relationship during an exclusive interview with MP Jalang’o on his YouTube show.

Karen Nyamu candidly shared that their connection initially began innocently, and she was unaware of Samidoh’s marital status when they first met. According to her, it was almost four months into their relationship before she learned about his marriage.

The turning point in their affair was when Karen Nyamu became pregnant with Samidoh’s child. She expressed her reluctance to cause any disruption in his marriage and asserted that she never intended to be a wedge between him and his spouse.

“When I met Samidoh, I had no idea he was married. It took four months until Samidoh informed me, and the drama began when I gave birth to our child. I never wanted to break his marriage,” shared Karen Nyamu during the interview.

Learning about Samidoh’s marital status came as a surprise to Karen, and both parties involved faced unexpected challenges due to the revelation. Until Karen Nyamu decided to speak up, the public remained largely unaware of this aspect of their relationship.

Subsequently, matters have become more complex. Edday Nderitu recently clarified that she is no longer with Samidoh, prioritizing the well-being of their children.

In a lengthy post, Edday clarified, “Let me clarify a few things that were shared online and not accurate… I am not in any polygamous marriage, as stated. I left my husband for whoever needed him more. I made a decision to remove myself and my kids from that toxic environment, especially my teen daughter, who unfortunately is a direct recipient of unbelievable behavior displayed.”

Edday also mentioned that she and her kids relocated to the US, where she is solely taking care of their needs without any assistance.

Karen Nyamu is now shedding light on her side of the story regarding her relationship with Samidoh during her latest round of media interviews.