“Jua Cali Is A Stranger To Me” Njugush Claps Back At The Genge Artist

Comedian Njugush recently broke his silence in response to criticism he received from Jua Cali. During an interview with YouTubers upon his return from Australia, Njugush revealed that this wasn’t the first time he had been told he wasn’t funny.

He disclosed that even his relatives had criticized his comedic talent, let alone a stranger like Jua Cali. Njugush emphasized that receiving backlash was a common occurrence during his time on the Real House of Kawangware TV series.

“I’ve been told that by my own family members. So, people, you know… (laughs). How many times have you seen him (Jua Cali)? He called me his boy. Jua Cali and I have probably met just once, but it’s alright. Those are his own opinions, and that’s what he thought. Everyone has their own opinions. His opinion doesn’t stop me from telling people to visit the website and watch TTNT 1, 2, 3, and 4. All I want to say is this is a beautiful space, and I can’t wait for people like Jackie Vike with her niche to fill it. Terence Creative, I can’t wait for his show. No one can stop that. It’s up to us to blame ourselves,” Njugush expressed.

Furthermore, Njugush stated that he remains focused on achieving his goals and did not perceive Jua Cali’s criticism in a negative light.

“As young guys, we make mistakes, but we put in the effort. For me, it’s about focusing on the present moment. It’s a wonderful revolution where there are no gatekeepers. You can organize your own shows and events. Criticism isn’t a bad thing, and that’s why I didn’t take it in a way that… It shouldn’t lead you to where they want you to be because they’ll start saying things again. People are witnessing what I’m doing, and that’s the most important thing,” the comedian concluded.