Meet Speaker Moses  Wetangula And His 3 Beautiful Wives.

Moses Wetangula, the former Bungoma Senator and current Speaker of the National Assembly, is renowned for his outspoken political career. However, he has managed to shield his private family life from the prying eyes of the media.

Wetangula, a committed family man, is known to have multiple wives. His first wife, Phyllis Wetangula, resides separately from him for reasons not widely disclosed. The details of this arrangement remain private, as the politician endeavors to maintain a discreet family life.

The identity of Wetangula’s second wife remains undisclosed, but local sources in Bungoma suggest she is a Bukusu lady. Their union, forged in 2011, produced a child, yet reports indicate that the relationship faced neglect issues. Consequently, the second wife sought legal intervention in 2013, filing a court case to secure financial support from Wetangula. She requested a monthly upkeep of Ksh. 270,000 and an annual sum of Ksh. 120,000 for children’s clothing and other essential needs.

The third wife, Anne Wacheke Ngugi, made headlines in 2016 when she was accused of assaulting Moses Wetangula over allegations of infidelity. Despite the reported incident, Wetangula reportedly prevented the police from arresting her to avert public embarrassment.

In a 2016 incident, Wetangula claimed that Anne attacked and injured him at their Karen home on the night of February 18. He received medical attention at Karen Hospital and was issued a P3 form. The details surrounding the alleged assault and subsequent events highlight the complex dynamics within Wetangula’s family.

The politician, a father to several children, has a diverse family structure that includes Fidel Wetangula, daughter Sheila Wetangula, Tamara Wetangula, and two children from his customary marriage. Despite his public role, Moses Wetangula maintains a delicate balance between his political career and the intricacies of his private life.