Gasheni, 23 Years Old Star Raised in a Children’s Home But Making Her Space in the Industry. -

Gasheni, 23 Years Old Star Raised in a Children’s Home But Making Her Space in the Industry.

Gasheni, the rising star of Mugithi music, hails from Murang’a County and spent her formative years in a children’s home located in Othaya, Nyeri County.

Now 23 years old, Gasheni’s upbringing was shaped within the confines of a Nyeri County children’s home, where her journey began under the care of her biological mother’s sister. She was among more than 70 children overseen by Muthondeki and his wife Mary.

Upon completing her secondary education, Gasheni aspired to pursue Mass Communication at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. Regrettably, her pursuit of this dream was cut short despite her stellar performance, as only ten students were chosen.

Putting her dream on hold, Gasheni sought an alternative path. She appealed to her ‘father’ figure for assistance in pursuing a short course in hotel management, aiming to use it as a stepping stone for her eventual ambitions. After successfully completing the hotel management course, she secured a sales and marketing position.

Later, despite securing a managerial position at a hotel in Kiriaini, Gasheni made the daring decision to resign before even commencing the role. Prior to joining her new job, she spent time in Nairobi, staying with her biological mother’s sister. As time passed, her attachment to Nairobi grew stronger.

Choosing not to return to Nyeri, Gasheni reached out to a brotherly figure (not her biological sibling but someone raised alongside her in the children’s home). She requested a two-month stay, with the understanding that if she couldn’t establish stability in Nairobi within that time, she would reconsider returning to Nyeri.

Subsequently, she reached out to a friend she had met during a Talent Search event in Nairobi, Kanda King. This connection led to an invitation to perform at Ruaka’s Wingu Bistro, her inaugural experience at a club. With enthusiasm, she sang two gospel tracks, “Githi ti uhoro wi gikeno mundu ohoretwo macegera” and “ngai murathimi.” In appreciation of her spirited performance, delighted fans rewarded her with Ksh 2000.

The same night, Gasheni attended an event at Ruiru Rainbow, where she had the privilege of sitting at the high table alongside prominent personalities. During the event, she interacted with Sleepy David, who eventually introduced her to DJ Faxto.

Ironically, Gasheni initially held a negative opinion of DJ Faxto due to his song “Ndii Mang’aa,” which she found offensive. Little did she anticipate that DJ Faxto would become a significant figure in her music journey.

At the event organized by Sleepy David, DJ Faxto presented a challenge to attendees: performing a Daya song. Gasheni rose to the occasion, delivering an impressive rendition of the song. Although offered Ksh 2000 as a reward, she instead requested DJ Faxto’s guidance and support in her musical endeavors.

Since their collaboration, Gasheni and DJ Faxto have produced several hit tracks. Notably, “Ngoma ya Muti” has surpassed one million views on YouTube, showcasing her growing popularity. Other successful tracks include “Gakware Karia,” “Njera ya Wendo,” and “Kihiti.”

In a recent interview with Inooro FM’s Jeff Kuria, Gasheni disclosed that she is pursuing her music career independently, while still under the umbrella of DJ Faxto’s record label.

Regarding her family, Gasheni’s parents are alive, but her relationship with them remains distant. She openly expressed that forgiving her parents for abandoning her in her formative years will take time. She declined college sponsorship from her biological father, citing his inability to provide her a decent life during her early years as the reason behind her decision.