“Mbwa wangu ni special sana Hawaezi kula uchafu , I Hired a Nanny for Them” Gloria Kyallo says

During a recent interview on Showmax’s Kyallo Culture Season 2 premiere, Gloria Kyallo, self-proclaimed ‘puppy mum’, made an interesting revelation about her commitment to caring for her dogs. She affectionately referred to them as her babies and expressed her dedication to ensuring their well-being. Gloria shared that she takes her dogs for walks every morning and evening, and provides them with three meals a day. Additionally, she revealed that she has hired a nanny to look after them in her absence.

Gloria, who happens to be the youngest sister of Betty Kyallo, emphasized that she would not engage in any conflicts with her sisters during Season 2 of Kyallo Culture. Instead, she has learned to embrace and appreciate their differences. She holds her sisters in high regard, viewing them as inspirational figures who have a positive impact on many individuals.

However, Gloria admitted that she still experiences a sense of unease when in front of the cameras. Despite recently completing her education, she is not accustomed to the attention she receives. Consequently, she remains cautious about her actions in public and selective about the company she keeps.

In conclusion, Gloria described herself as a free spirit who fearlessly speaks her mind. She embraces her individuality and believes in expressing herself openly.