Viral Nanny Rose Returns to Lebanon

Kenyan nanny Rose Atieno has recently returned to Lebanon, marking a heartfelt reunion with her employer and the children who eagerly embraced her return. Videos capturing the emotional homecoming were shared by the employer, showcasing the family’s warm welcome at the airport.

In one video, the employer expressed joy at Rose’s return, captioning it with, “Rosie is finally back.” Another video conveyed appreciation, saying, “Treat her like a queen, she will treat your babies as her own. Thank you, Rosie.” These sentiments reflected the deep bond between Rose and the family she serves.

Rose gained attention earlier when a video of her bidding farewell to her employer and the children went viral. The emotional scene depicted the children refusing to let her go, shedding tears as they clung to her. The parents struggled to separate the children from Rosie, leading to an emotionally charged departure.

As Rosie wiped away tears, onlookers at the airport were drawn to the poignant scene. The mother reassured the children that Rosie would return, expressing gratitude in the caption: “Thank you, Rosie, for caring for my babies like they’re yours.”

Following a brief holiday in Kenya, Rose has resumed her nanny duties in Lebanon. The touching reunion and farewell moments at the airport highlighted the special connection between Rose and the family, showcasing the profound impact she has on the children’s lives.