Malindi Family of GSU officer who left job to join Shakahola cult seeks help to bury 4 relatives

A plea for assistance echoes from a distraught family nestled in the heart of Malindi, as they endeavor to afford a dignified burial for four beloved members who tragically lost their lives in Shakahola forest, situated within Kilifi County.

The individuals in question were devout followers of a purported cult led by the controversial figure, Pastor Paul Mackenzie. Reports suggest that their demise occurred as a result of fasting, spurred by a belief that they would be reunited with Jesus upon perishing from starvation.

On March 26, the bodies of the deceased were finally relinquished to their grieving family, subsequent to DNA confirmation aligning them with their kin. These remains were carefully preserved at the Star Hospital Mortuary, awaiting the forthcoming burial scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, April 5.

The family at the center of this tragedy is headed by Isaac Ngala, a former GSU officer who, alongside his wife Emily Wanje, 35, and other relatives, made the fateful decision to join the aforementioned cult. In total, they mourn the loss of eight family members, with four others still unaccounted for.

Titus Ngonyo, a spokesperson for the family, articulates the somber task ahead, as they prepare to lay to rest his wife, son (the former GSU officer), daughter-in-law, and grandchild.

During a visit by journalists to their residence in Myeye, Malindi Sub-County, scenes unfolded of family members and well-wishers rallying together in a fundraising effort to alleviate the financial strain associated with the burial arrangements.

Ngonyo elucidates their plight, revealing that despite their best efforts, they have only managed to accumulate KSh250,000, falling short of their anticipated budget of KSh350,000. Consequently, they find themselves grappling with a deficit of KSh100,000, exacerbating their already heavy burden.

In a gesture of solidarity, the Myeye village community has mobilized to provide support, recognizing the immense sorrow and hardship endured by the bereaved family. However, their resources remain stretched thin, emphasizing the urgent need for additional assistance.

Edward Mambo, a sympathetic neighbor, reflects on the profound impact of this tragedy, underscoring the collective mourning experienced by the entire community. He echoes the family’s impassioned plea for aid, emphasizing the necessity of affording their departed loved ones a fitting farewell.

In the face of adversity, the Ngala family and their supporters stand united, buoyed by the hope that their appeal will resonate with compassionate individuals willing to extend a helping hand during their time of need.