Edday Nderitu Lovingly Celebrate Son With Samidoh On his Birthday

Edday Nderitu, the estranged wife of Samidoh Muchoki, expressed her heartfelt joy on her social media platform as she celebrated her son’s birthday. In a touching message, she reflected on the immense happiness her son has brought into their lives, cherishing the precious memories they’ve shared together. Edday showered praises upon her son, describing him as handsome and expressing her pride in his curious mind, kind heart, and adventurous spirit.

“Eight years ago, you brought an abundance of joy and love into our lives, and each day since then has been a precious gift. Your inquisitive nature, compassionate heart, and adventurous soul fill me with immense pride as your parent. Here’s to countless more years of laughter, growth, and cherished moments together! May your special day shine as brightly as you do! Words cannot express how much I love you! Happy 8th Birthday, my handsome boy,” she warmly captioned alongside adorable photos.

Samidoh also joined in the celebration of their son’s birthday, expressing his love and pride as a father. Through his TikTok account, the musician shared endearing snapshots of young Samidoh junior, reflecting on the journey of fatherhood with heartfelt sentiment.

“Watching you evolve into the remarkable individual you are today has been the greatest source of joy in my life. Here’s to many more years filled with happiness, love, and achievement! Happy birthday, son! – Gsamidoh_junior,” he penned affectionately.

In a recent social media post, Edday celebrated one year since her relocation to the United States with her children. She reminisced about the courage it took to embark on this journey, venturing into the unknown in pursuit of a new chapter in life.