GITHURAI drunk man who Buys a 30K “German shepherd”,shocked after it turns out to be a baby hyena.

In the bustling streets of Githurai, Nairobi, an amusing incident unfolded that left a drunk man and his family in sheer disbelief. The man, under the influence, stumbled upon what he believed to be a German Shepherd puppy for the hefty sum of 30,000 Kenyan shillings.

Filled with joy and excitement, he brought the “puppy” home, locking it in a cage and eagerly sharing the good news with his family. Little did he know that this furry companion would turn out to be far from ordinary.

However, the comedy of errors began when the wife noticed something rather peculiar. Instead of the expected barks of a German Shepherd, she heard unmistakable laughter emanating from the cage, a sound that raised eyebrows and set off alarm bells.

This unusual occurrence prompted her to investigate further, leading to the astonishing discovery that her husband had unknowingly brought home a bouncing baby hyena, not the innocent puppy he had envisioned. The family’s shock and bewilderment knew no bounds, making this a tale that Githurai would surely remember for a long time.