“Nilifikiria nitaolewa na mtu Tajiri Nivae Gold” – Zari Hassan confesses

Zari Hassan once harbored a childhood fantasy of becoming the adorned bride of a wealthy man, adorned in satin gold, leading a life of opulence. However, as she matured, her aspirations evolved, and she realized the importance of exerting effort to attain the life she truly desired.

During a BBC Swahili interview, Zari reflected on her past dreams, expressing, “I used to think I would marry a wealthy man, wear gold, but I realized it’s not easy. When I acknowledged my desire for a good life, I found the motivation to say that I don’t come from a rich family, but it’s my responsibility.”

She continued, emphasizing her pursuit of a good life, stating, “I said I wanted a good life, and that has been my motivation in life.”

Zari Hassan’s journey to fame commenced as a socialite and media personality, captivating the public with her glamorous lifestyle and high-profile relationships. Her charisma and style have positioned her as a fashion icon and influencer, resonating with many through her fashion and lifestyle choices.

Beyond her public persona, Zari actively engages in philanthropic activities, demonstrating a dedication to making a positive impact in her community, particularly in the realms of education and healthcare. She has initiated and supported various projects aimed at empowering women and providing educational opportunities for children in Uganda.

In her personal life, Zari Hassan has been part of notable relationships, including her previous involvement with Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, with whom she shares two children. Her first marriage to Ugandan businessman Ivan Ssemwanga produced three sons, and she has children from other relationships as well.

Born on September 23, 1980, in Jinja, Uganda, Zari Hassan has established herself as a prominent entrepreneur, socialite, and philanthropist. Her success in the business world, particularly in fashion, beauty, and real estate, has garnered recognition and respect. Beyond her business ventures, Zari remains committed to making a positive impact through her philanthropic endeavors, focusing on education, healthcare, and the empowerment of women in Uganda.