David Moya: I earned Sh830k for a single surprise dance in Dubai

TikTok sensation David Moya recently disclosed his impressive earnings from a surprise performance in Dubai, revealing it to be his most lucrative venture yet, fetching him a substantial sum of Sh830,000.

In an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna, Moya elaborated on the details of the lucrative deal, asserting, “The highest payment I’ve ever received amounted to approximately Sh830,000. I’m willing to provide evidence if there are any doubts.”

Moya delved into the intricacies of the arrangement, narrating, “The scenario unfolded when I was summoned to Dubai. Typically, international engagements coincide with weekends. In this instance, the client, hailing from South Sudan, proposed a five-day stint in Dubai. Considering my commitments in the homeland, I meticulously calculated the days.”

Despite a jam-packed schedule, Moya tailored his services to accommodate the client’s needs, seamlessly managing multiple surprise performances during weekends within the country.

“I meticulously planned my schedule, allocating four performances each on Saturday and Sunday, tallying up the total to present to the client, as I would be out of the country,” he disclosed.

Moya offers comprehensive packages to clients, encompassing not only his performance fees but also ancillary services such as videography, accommodation, and security.

The pricing of these packages fluctuates depending on the event’s location and scale. “Presently, within Nairobi, my fee stands at Sh29,000, inclusive of a cake and gifts as an added gesture from me. When broken down, it’s not merely the performance fee,” he clarified. “Beyond Nairobi, rates commence from around Sh35,000.”

Additionally, Moya emphasized optional add-ons, such as featuring the surprise video on his social media platforms. “Clients within Nairobi interested in having the surprise video shared on my social media channels are required to pay an extra Sh5,000,” he stated.

For clients outside Nairobi, costs range between approximately Sh80,000 to Sh90,000. International clients are advised to allocate a more substantial budget, with fees ranging from $3,500 (Ksh 499,625) to $5,000 (Ksh 713,750).

Moya David’s ascent to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic underscores his status as one of the notable figures who leveraged TikTok to gain prominence in the entertainment industry.