Man With Over 100 Children Marries Four New Wives

Man With Over 100 Children Marries Four New Wives

A Man distinguished as Ssemakula Nulu, 94, has expanded his family by wedding four more wives. The polygamous man accepts religion and family as his major passion.

Ssemakula was the first Muslim from Western region to turn into a Hajji after travelling to Mecca in Saudi Arabia in 1977 to perform the pilgrimage .

He has prevailed with regards to enlarging his family of more than 19 wives with whom he has had more than 100 children and hoping for something else from his 24 year old wife who is as of now pregnant and from his four new wives. currently, his youngest child is just ten months old.

The western man currently stays with 66 of his children. While some of his elder children already have grandchildren. The brave old man says his journey has just begun, saying he is still energetic enough to have more children and even add on more wives.

The western region man wedded his first wife in 1952

In 1952, Ssemakula got married to his first wife, who was later joined by 5 others and of an amazement, they actually stay together.

”It is unfortunate that I lost 4 of my wives while others who were so demanding, had to quit the marriage and left the children with me. Therefore, as long as I still live, I must go ahead and marry more women and give birth to more children because that’s where I find my happiness, ‘said Ssemakula.

The old man built a mosque, an elementary school known , Diary milk business and and coffee processing machine that helps generate money to take care of his family.