CS Magoha now says gay students should be day scholars.

Late last year, there was an outrage after CS George Magoha gave orders barring homosexual students from joining boarding schools countrywide.

Now, the CS has come out saying that he was misquoted adding that he has nothing personal personal against gay students.

He has however said that the students should be day Scholars so as not to bother other boarding students at night.He also added that the homosexuals will be closer to their parents for the right guidance.

“I said that if you are a homosexual in a boarding school and you are hopping from a bed of another student to another, your rights end there,” the CS said.

“You can be a good homosexual who does not disturb anybody but you can only go do your thing when you are out of the school,” he added.

“I am not against homosexuals but if you are going to move from one bed to another, then we will make you be a day scholar,” said Magoha.