Comedian Nasra addresses Sammie Kioko dating rumours

Nasra Yusuf recently sparked excitement among her fans when she shared a cozy picture with Sammie Kioko, leading many to believe they might be dating. However, Nasra quickly clarified that it was a misunderstanding, stating, “No, I was just joking,” in response to numerous congratulatory messages she received.

To further address the speculation, Nasra decided to engage with her fans through an Instagram Q&A session about dating. To set the tone, she shared a clip of Rihanna being asked about what she looks for in a man during a Red Carpet interview. Rihanna confidently responded that she is not actively seeking a relationship.

Continuing with the Q&A, Nasra shared an ‘Ask me a Question’ Instagram series, where one person asked if she was dating Kioko, to which she amusingly replied, “I’ve never been in the dating scene. Even when I’m single, I’m living like a queen in my palace.”

The humorous interactions continued when TikToker Tom Dakatari jokingly mentioned that Nasra had said she would date Kioko and they were almost about to get married. Nasra playfully laughed off the suggestion, saying, “Sorry, Tom Dakatri, I didn’t know we were that close to marriage, bro.”

Adding to the fun, Sammie Kioko himself joined in, playfully referring to Nasra as “sister Bernard” and teasingly saying, “You can’t make up stories on national television.” Nasra fired back with a witty response, “If you’re going to put me on blast on national television, then I guess we have to date now.”

Not stopping there, Nasra leaked a private conversation with Sammie where they both joked about how some people privately expressed their disapproval of their supposed romance. To clarify matters, Nasra humorously stated, “Due to obvious reasons, I retract my previous statement. And by the way, don’t you guys know I love cracking jokes?”

In conclusion, Nasra Yusuf cleared the air regarding the dating rumors with Sammie Kioko, emphasizing that their cozy picture was merely a lighthearted joke. Fans can rest assured that Nasra is currently single and enjoying life in her own palace, not in any “streets.”