Jacob Obunga Alias Otile Brown Reveals Why He Is Not Proud Of His Luo Heritage

During an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Otile Brown, a musician from Kisumu county, spoke about his Luo heritage, despite being born and raised in Mombasa.

He revealed that he had not been proud of his Luo background due to the perceived arrogant and flashy nature of the Luo people. In the past, Otile had concealed his ethnicity because of this stereotype. He recounted an incident when he sent someone Mpesa, and they announced his ethnic background to everyone.

Despite being born into a Swahili community, Otile refused to be limited by tribalism, and he believed that his talent was greater than any cultural barriers. He also mentioned that he has five siblings, and both of his parents have passed away.

When asked if he would consider singing in Dholuo, Otile stated that he lacked a good understanding of the language and believed that he needed to have a more comprehensive grasp of it before attempting to sing in it.