Why Kanda Bongoman Sympathized With Late Kasavuli When They Met In 2012

The country has been thrown into mourning following the death of a legendary TV personality Catherine Kasavuli after a battle with cancer.

Kenyans remember the queen of TV broadcast for her nice voice that colonized KBC in her hey days.

Being In the limelight for sometimes came with its fare share of challenges as Kasavuli would realize.

In early 90s, the TV siren happened to be a yarn from rumour mills Linking her to a congolese musician Kanda Bongoman.

Catherine was even mentioned in a scandal that led to the king of kwasa kwasa’s deportation from the country in the middle of a much publicized tour.

Nevertheless, Kasavuli had an opportunity to clear the air on the rumours that almost dented her image.

Speaking to a local media station later on, she denied the allegations of ever having met the musician detailing how the rumours emanated.

She said that kanda was deported because his visa had expired adding that it happened when she was reading the news.

“A senior politician’s daughter was wedding and they invited Kanda Bongo Man to perform. Unfortunately, Kanda Bongo Man’s visa had expired. I was reading news when he was getting kicked out and I have no clue how my name ended up there,” said the anchor adding that, “It is the price I had to pay for being in the limelight.” She Said.

Later on, the minister of information would later on organize for the meeting between the two whereby kanda Sympathized with her for what she went through because of him.

Kanda Sympathized with me for what I went through because of him and I felt sorry for the Kenyan Fahd he had lost” said Kasavuli.

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