‘Ata 10 bob hana!’ – Stivo Simple Boy’s wife cries foul, says they are stuck in poverty

Stivo Simple Boy, the popular Kenyan rapper, is facing serious allegations from his wife, Grace Atieno. In a recent interview with vloggers, Grace accused Stivo’s management company, Men In Business (MIB), of subjecting them to a life of poverty.

According to Grace, Stivo’s management has been a significant source of stress for him. She claimed that MIB controls his finances and holds onto his accounts, leaving them in a state of financial instability.

“His manager causes him stress while he is struggling. When we were together, he was doing okay. But now, it’s all about his manager’s stress, his money, and his accounts. He is not the one using the money or managing it; his manager controls everything,” Grace stated.

Grace further revealed that Stivo is currently broke. Even checking his phone balance reveals a measly sum of money. When asked about their meals at home, Grace admitted that eating is a challenge, and they often go to bed on an empty stomach.

“At times, there is food, but sometimes we lack it. But where he is right now, I don’t think he will get any help,” she expressed.

Grace also highlighted Stivo’s timid and gentle nature, stating that he is unable to fight for his rights. She spoke out on his behalf, feeling that she needed to address the difficult situation they were facing.

“There are challenges in our home, and that’s why I can say he is going through tough times and cannot speak up. He is scared and very gentle. I cannot stand seeing my husband struggling while he is too timid to speak up, so I have to voice out his situation,” Grace shared.

Moreover, Grace disclosed that she was unsure if Stivo was even earning from his YouTube channel. She mentioned that Stivo had no knowledge of how much income YouTube generates for him.

“I don’t know if he gets paid from his YouTube channel. If you ask him how much YouTube pays, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t understand money matters; he’s just happy to have food on the table,” Grace added.

Responding to these allegations, MIB CEO Vaga Genius assured that the label has everything under control through their management. He dismissed the claims, stating that Stivo would never suffer, as the company takes care of his affairs.

“Everyone has their opinions, and when you start your career, some will support you while others criticize you. It’s normal in the industry, but if you delve deeper, you’ll see that the company has invested a lot of money to ensure Stivo’s well-being. Even without shows, things are happening for him. There are people taking care of that. I take these claims lightly because everyone has the right to speak. Sometimes he can speak for himself,” Vaga explained.

As the accusations between Stivo Simple Boy’s wife and his management continue, fans and followers await further developments in this ongoing saga, hoping for a resolution that will alleviate the alleged financial struggles faced by the rapper and his wife.