“Kama Bado Sijatoka Hii Country Nilikua Na Bond Na Stivo Simple Boy” Pritty Vishy’s Mother Spills The Beans

Pritty Vishy’s mother formed a strong connection with Stivo Simple Boy long before he became romantically involved with her daughter. After spending four and a half years working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia, she returned to Kenya on October 7, 2023.

In an interview with Eve Mungai, Vishy’s mother revealed that her bond with Stivo Simple Boy had developed even before she was aware of his relationship with her daughter. She stated, “While I was still in the country, I was quite close to Stivo, and he would often visit our home. We shared a special connection. However, during that time, I had no idea they were in a relationship. I simply thought of him as a guest. They got to know each other, and that’s when he started visiting our home.”

Vishy’s mother went on to disclose that she only learned about Stivo and her daughter’s romantic involvement after she had already moved to Saudi Arabia. She added, “He used to come over for meals, both lunch and dinner, and we’d have casual conversations. But I had no inkling that there was something more between them. It was only when I was in Saudi Arabia that he began contacting me frequently. I received calls from him all the time, talking about how Pritty Vishy was causing him trouble, or he was worried about her. This is when I began to realize that there was more to their connection. He would say things like, ‘Pritty Vishy is giving me a hard time,’ and ‘I don’t know what’s wrong.’ And when I relayed these messages to Pritty Vishy, I could see that she was quite defensive.”

In summary, Pritty Vishy’s mother developed a close bond with Stivo Simple Boy before she discovered that he was dating her daughter. This connection evolved over time, and she only became aware of their romantic involvement while she was working in Saudi Arabia.