“Tunajua Daddy Ndiye Diamond WA Kenya, “Emabarambamba adorable Kids praise their dad.

Singer Embarambamba delighted fans by introducing his five children to the online community. The Kisii gospel artist, known for his controversial style, showcased his four daughters and one son in a heartwarming TikTok video. The children, standing outside their house, encircled a cake on a table as they introduced themselves one by one.

Blessing Embarambamba, the eldest, expressed gratitude for the love and support their dad receives from fans. The siblings then burst into a rendition of their father’s latest song, “Nataka Ninyonywe,” infusing humor into the moment with lyrics like “Tunataka kunyonya cake” (We want to suck the cake). The video quickly went viral, capturing the attention of netizens who commended Embarambamba for his parenting skills.

Comments poured in, with fans expressing admiration for the artist’s family. Flora Mvungu referred to them as “Wamnyonye’s family,” while Emmvie praised the children as “beautiful angels.” Oyline Joy recognized the artistic talent in the family, wishing them a happy birthday with a playful reference to “kunyonya” (sucking). Yvonnedenis8 playfully noted, “Birds of the same feathers,” and one user expressed surprise at realizing “Embarambamba” was the artist’s real name, not a nickname.

Addressing questions about his marital status, Embarambamba had previously disclosed in an interview with a local news outlet that he had been married since 2005. He expressed gratitude to his wife for her unwavering support despite facing criticism. Additionally, he clarified that he had not joined the LGBTQ community, refuting any speculations or rumors about his personal life.