Thieves break into Catholic Priest’s Car steal,sacrament ,money and sacred utensils in Tharaka Nithi.

In a disheartening incident in Muthambi, Tharaka Nithi, a Catholic priest fell victim to a brazen act of theft as unidentified individuals broke into his vehicle. The criminals not only made off with a substantial amount of money but also targeted sacred items, including sacraments and sacred utensils.

This violation of religious sanctity and personal property underscores the vulnerability of religious leaders and their belongings to criminal activities. The unfortunate event leaves a community in shock and raises concerns about the need for increased security measures to protect religious institutions and their clergy in the region.

Adding to the unsettling trend of attacks on places of worship, the Uruku Methodist Church in the same vicinity experienced a similar incident just days prior. Thieves targeted the church, making away with electronics and equipment valued at over Kshs 200,000. The repeated targeting of religious spaces poses a threat not only to the physical safety of the clergy but also to the spiritual and communal well-being of the congregations.

As local authorities investigate these incidents, there is a pressing need for collaborative efforts between law enforcement, religious institutions, and the community to implement effective security strategies and prevent further disruptions to the religious life of the community.