BENNY HINN shocks RUTO and RACHEL as he confesses to giving fake prophesies and allowing fake prophets in his crusade

American televangelist Benny Hinn recently reflected on his spiritual leadership during an interview, prompted by his invitation to Kenya for a crusade hosted by President William Ruto and his wife, Rachel Ruto. Hinn expressed regret over his past decisions, particularly regarding the inclusion of individuals who made baseless prophetic claims in his gatherings.

Acknowledging his fallibility, Hinn admitted to errors in judgment, specifically in the realm of prophecy. “We all make mistakes,” he conceded. “The two things I regret most in ministry are that I was not too discerning on several occasions with prophecy.”

Hinn recounted instances where guests at his crusades made prophetic declarations that ultimately proved to be unsubstantiated and potentially harmful. Reflecting on these experiences, he emphasized the importance of adhering to the boundaries of genuine prophecy. “Anything that’s outside of redemption is not prophecy,” he asserted. “We should not allow that. I allowed it, and then I stopped. But that was years ago when I stopped.”

Moreover, Hinn candidly disclosed that there were occasions when he himself delivered prophetic messages that later proved to lack divine inspiration. “There were times when I thought God had shown me and I spoke it out,” he admitted. “Sadly, I wish I could go back and confront it. There were some prophecies that were not accurate or from the Lord. For that, I ask people to forgive me. I am just human.”

Despite these regrets, Hinn expressed gratitude to President Ruto and First Lady Rachel for extending the invitation to Kenya. He appreciated the opportunity to participate in a mega crusade held in Nairobi in February, which drew attendance from numerous pastors, bishops, and political figures.