Lady Behind Famous Voice in Kenya “Mteja wa Nambari Uliyopiga Hapatikani kwa sasa”

When you call a Safaricom phone number that is switched off, you’ll hear a voice notification saying, “mteja wa nambari uliyopiga hapatikani kwa sasa” or “sorry, the mobile subscriber cannot be reached.”

The woman behind this iconic message is Maggie Wazome, who began her collaboration with Safaricom shortly after the company launched in Kenya in the early 2000s. For over a decade, Maggie Wazome’s voice has been a familiar sound to Kenyans, even though her face remains largely unknown.

Maggie Wazome’s Influence in Kenya

Maggie Wazome’s voice has transcended being merely an automated message to become a cherished national symbol. Her contributions to Safaricom and the broader Kenyan telecommunications industry are significant and enduring.

Maggie’s voice has come to represent Kenyan identity and cultural heritage. It is even referenced in parliamentary documents and court rulings, underscoring its impact on the country’s collective consciousness.

The Recording Process

In a past interview, Maggie Wazome shared insights into her recording experience. She mentioned that she had read several lines without knowing how they would be used by Safaricom.

“I read a few lines that had varied content, and one of them was ‘mteja wa nambari uliyopiga.’ I had no idea what they were about,” she recalled. It wasn’t until a friend informed her about recognizing her voice on the other end of the line that she realized Safaricom had used her recordings.

Maggie Wazome’s voice continues to be a staple of Kenyan telecom, symbolizing the nation’s technological and cultural evolution.